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Does Your Dog Have Allergies?

October 15 2015

Does your dog seem to be scratching more than usual lately? If so, Fido might have allergies. Just like people, dogs can be allergic to a wide variety of things. Allergies aren’t any more fun for our pets than they are for us! Below, a Salisbury, NC vet discusses allergies in dogs.

Common Allergens

Many dogs are allergic to dust, dander, pollen, and/or mold. Your pet could react to certain fumes or vapors, such as cigarette smoke, aerosol sprays, or perfume. Some dogs are allergic to specific materials, such as rubber. Food allergies are not uncommon in our canine friends. Fido could also be allergic to insect bites, ingredients in his doggy shampoo, or something in your carpet fibers.


Itching is one of the most common symptoms of allergies in dogs. If Fido has allergies, he may scratch more than usual, or lick or bite himself. Allergies can also cause skin problems in our canine pals. Recurring ear infections can also be symptomatic of allergies, as can red, runny eyes; sneezing; burping; and snoring. Allergies can also cause your pet to vomit or have diarrhea. Occasionally, dogs will suffer more severe reactions. The symptoms of an extreme reaction can include lethargy, seizure, and even unconsciousness. Contact your vet immediately if your dog shows any of these symptoms.


Before you can treat Fido’s allergies, you’ll need to find out exactly what is making him react, so a trip to the vet’s is in order. Tests may be needed to pinpoint the culprit. In the case of food allergies, your vet may recommend a specific dietary regimen to identify the trigger. Once Fido’s allergies have been identified, your vet will be able to discuss specific treatment options with you. The exact treatment needed will depend on the type and severity of your dog’s allergies, so this is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Home Care

Vacuuming and dusting frequently, and changing your air filters, will reduce the amount of allergens in your home and help keep your dog more comfortable. We also recommend washing your pet’s bedding in hot water and unscented detergent. During peak pollen times, Fido can pick up pollen on his paws and fur, so wipe those furry feet down with a damp cloth daily.

Do you know or suspect that your dog has allergies? Call us, your Salisbury, NC vet clinic, today!

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