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Home Euthanasia

March 12 2017

Home Euthanasia

None of us like to think about losing our pet, but when your pet is nearing the end of its life, I urge you to give some thought as to how to make the death as comfortable and peaceful as possible. We all might wish that our companion would just pass away painlessly in its sleep but, unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Euthanasia is a service we can provide for terminally ill animals or those whose pain cannot be well controlled. It is a means by which we can relieve suffering by giving them a painless, peaceful death.

I made the decision to offer home euthanasia for my patients because I feel that it provides a familiar, comfortable place to say goodbye. Pets and owners may become stressed even when going to routine veterinary appointments. Taking their pet to the veterinarian for that final visit can be extremely stressful. Also, the ailing pet may not be mobile, or it may otherwise be difficult for the owner to bring their pet in. I am glad to offer a service to relieve my clients of some of the anxiety surrounding the passing of a beloved pet.

What to expect

When we arrive at your home, we will answer any questions you might have, and discuss where you would like to have the euthanasia performed. This might be in front of the fireplace, or a sunny spot in the yard. Wherever you and your pet are most comfortable.

I will normally give a small injection of sedative, and then step away for a few minutes to allow you to spend time with your pet while it is falling asleep. When your pet is adequately sedated, we will prepare a site over a vein. I will then give an injection of a very concentrated anesthetic that will slow, and then stop, breathing and heartbeat. Sometimes there may be muscle movements, even after death, which is normal.

If you have chosen to have your pet cremated, we will provide transportation to our hospital and arrange the cremation for you. If you prefer to bury your pet at home, we can provide a special burial bag that makes the unpleasant task a little more bearable.


Home euthanasia is more expensive than having the procedure done at the hospital, with good reason. There is much more time involved for the doctor and an assistant, including travel, time with the family, sedation time, etc.

Every Pet is Special

If you feel that home euthanasia might be right for you and your pet, please call for answers to any questions you might have. Our clients and their pets are special to us, and we feel privileged to be there in your time of need.

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