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Benefits of Getting a Reptile

July 1, 2020

Are you looking for a pet that’s unique, but pretty to look at? A reptile may be a great option for you! A Salisbury, NC vet lists some benefits of having reptiles below.

No Noise

Birds, dogs, and even some cats can be quite noisy. This can lead to calls and complaints from annoyed neighbors. Reptiles, however, are very quiet.

Beautiful Enclosures

Good reptile enclosures incorporate things like pools, branches, plants, and climbing rocks. These things make striking centerpieces. You may find that you really enjoy the look and feel of having a miniature ecosystem in your home!

No Training Needed

Dogs are wonderful pets. However, Fido does need a lot of training to learn how to be a good boy. Reptiles, however, are just fine doing their own thing. No petucation required!

They’re Adorable

Some people wince when they hear reptiles described as cute. We beg to differ! Snakes, lizards, and turtles all have their own charms. Look up photos of ‘adorable lizards’ online. You may be surprised at how charismatic some of our scaled pals are!

Low Maintenance

Another wonderful thing about reptiles is the fact that they really don’t need too much daily care. You will of course need to provide fresh water on a daily basis, and clean up waste. However, you won’t have to walk your snake, or take too much time playing with your turtle. Some reptiles don’t even eat every day!

No Odor

Reptiles don’t shed fur or dander. As long as you keep your reptile’s cage clean, you aren’t likely to have any issues with odor. This also makes reptiles a great option for anyone with allergies.


This one does somewhat vary, depending on the type of reptile you get. However, many reptiles only live a few years. This makes them a great option for kids, or anyone who doesn’t want a long-term commitment. Just be sure to do your research. There are reptiles are at the other end of the spectrum, that can live decades. Some turtles live so long they get passed down through generations as family pets!


Although reptiles certainly do have some wonderful qualities, they aren’t the right choice for everyone. Do plenty of research before adopting one, and ask your vet for specific advice.

Please reach out to us, your Salisbury, NC vet clinic, anytime. We are here to help!

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