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Adopt a Senior Cat

November 1 2020

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! Older dogs and cats that are in shelters are often in very dire circumstances. It’s very difficult for them to get adopted, as it’s just too hard for them to compete with puppies and kittens. However, these unwanted pets can make absolutely wonderful animal companions. If you’re ready to bring another cat into your home, please consider giving an older one a chance to live out the last of her nine lives in peace and comfort. Read on as a Salisbury, NC vet discusses adopting a kitty in her golden years. 


Kittens are almost impossibly adorable, and they can melt hearts at light speed. However, older cats are also very charming. One of the best things about senior cats is the fact that they make very calm, easy pets. Fluffy will spend most of her time sleeping, and she probably won’t pounce on your toes in the middle of the night. Kitties in their golden years are also often very affectionate. Your furry pal may want nothing more than to doze off in your lap!

Getting Fluffy Settled 

Before bringing your new pet home, you’ll want to make a trip to the pet store. Keep your furry pal’s age in mind as you shop. You’ll want to focus more on comfort, and less on entertainment, than you would with a younger feline. Soft beds are a must. We also recommend getting a litterbox with low sides, and perhaps some pet ramps or stairs. Fluffy may also appreciate a little kitty fountain. 


Going to a new home is a big deal for kitties, and can actually be quite stressful for them. Some furballs of course will immediately sprawl out on the sofa and make themselves at homes. Others are more timid and will need time to settle in. If you have other animals, you’ll want to keep your new furball isolated at first. Introductions should be made slowly, over the course of several days. If Fluffy is an only pet, you can just let her explore at her own pace. Don’t force attention on her: win her trust by holding out treats and calling her to you. She’ll let you know when she’s ready to cuddle! 

Please contact us if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Salisbury, NC veterinary clinic, we are happy to help!

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