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Choosing a Dwarf Hamster Cage

January 15 2021
Have you decided to adopt a tiny hamster? There are many kinds of hamsters, but some of the littlest ones—the dwarf and Chinese hamsters—are particularly adorable. Hammie will spend a lot of time in his cage, so it’s important to choose a good one. A Salisbury, NC vet offers some tips on this below. Ease of Access Another thing to consider is ease of cleaning. The easiest option here really is a wire cage with a plastic tray. A fancier cage may look nice, but you aren’t doing yourself or your hamster any favors by getting one that’s hard to clean. Chewing Make sure that there aren’t any soft parts that your pet can nibble on. Hammie may be small, but those little teeth can do some damage. Your pet can also hurt himself if he chews on plastic parts. And while your furry little friend probably won’t be able to escape a wire cage, he may get obsessed with trying. Spacing If you choose a wire cage, make sure that the bars are less than a quarter inch apart. Otherwise, Hammie could possibly squeeze through … or hurt himself trying. Cage Size Even small pets need room to run and play. For dwarf hamsters, we recommend getting a cage that is at least 24″ x 12″. However, bigger is always better! One way to give Hammie more room without sacrificing more of your own living space is to get him a multi-level cage. Just choose one with an enclosed tunnel instead of an open ramp. You don’t want to risk your pint-sized pal falling and getting hurt! Air Flow Ventilation can be a big issue in many cages. This is particularly a problem with aquarium-type setups. If you get a cage with glass or plastic sides, be sure to get a screened or mesh cover. Running Wheels Hammie will need a way to get some activity in. Exercise wheels are the gold standard here. Just choose one with a solid surface. Wire wheels can be dangerous! Substrate No matter what kind of cage you end up picking, you’ll need to add suitable substrate. Keep this in mind, especially when looking at wire cages. Wires won’t hold bedding in, so you’ll want to pick one with a tray. Do you have questions or concerns about dwarf hamsters? Contact us, your Salisbury, NC veterinary clinic, today!

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