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Adopting a Rescued Guinea Pig

March 1 2021
March is Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month! While there’s no bad time to give one—or more—of these adorable furballs a new home, this is definitely a cause we’re happy to help promote. Here, a Salisbury, NC vet offers some tips on adopting a Guinea Pig. Consider A Bonded Pair Guinea pigs are very social creatures, and they get lonely without any buddies to hang out with. It’s always best to have at least two same-sex cavies. Because of this, it’s not uncommon to find bonded pairs up for adoption. This is a great option. You get to enjoy twice the cuteness, without spending a lot more money! Learn About Cavies Before adopting any animal, it’s important to do some research and learn about your potential pet. If you’ve never had a Guinea pig before, you may be unaware of some very important facts about them. For example, these little furballs can get very sick if they don’t get enough Vitamin C. They also need to chew quite a bit, to keep their teeth from overgrowing. Do some research! Consult Your Vet Speaking of research, your vet is a great source of information. We strongly recommend scheduling an appointment soon after you bring your cavies home. You’ll be able to get an idea of their health, and get some specific advice on their care needs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. That’s why we’re here! Get A Great Cage Your tiny friends will spend a lot of time in their cage, so make sure they have a good one! If you have two cavies, you’ll need a cave that is at least ten square feet. The cage should also include lots of fun features, some chew toys, and a hidey-hole. You’ll also need an appropriate substrate. Avoid pine or cedar substrates, as they aren’t safe for little animals. Ask your vet for more information. Have Fun! Guinea pigs are small, but they really are very fun and adorable pets. Many of these tiny furballs are actually quite affectionate and cuddly. Enjoy your pint-sized pals! Spend time with them every day, so they get used to you. Offering toys and treats will help you gain their trust. Don’t forget to take some cute photos of your pets’ ‘Gotcha’ day! Do you have questions about caring for Guinea pigs? Contact us, your Salisbury, NC veterinary clinic, today!

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