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6 Reasons to Consider Bearded Dragons for Kids

June 1 2021

Has your little one been asking for a pet? These can be tricky waters to navigate. Pets are beneficial to kids in many ways: they provide companions, playmates, and napping buddies, and teach children about friendship, empathy, and love. However, they are a lot of work. A bearded dragon may actually be a good choice. Here, a Salisbury, NC veterinarian lists some reasons to consider these adorable lizards for children. A Cool Pet

Bearded dragons are really very sweet and unique pets. Kids often love the thought of having their own pet dragon or dinosaur. And, while reptiles aren’t for everyone, some children really do form close bonds with these cute lizards. Calm

Another great thing about beardies? They’re typically quite calm and docile. In fact, these guys really don’t do much at all, other than sit around looking cute. Plus, they don’t make any noise. No Training Required

Puppies are adorable, but it takes a lot of time and work to properly train them. Kittens can also be a handful. Lizards don’t need any training: they’re perfectly content to just be themselves. Clean

Bearded dragons are naturally quite clean. It isn’t uncommon for them to designate an area of their tank as the bathroom. This makes cleaning their habitats very quick and easy! Easy Care

Bearded dragons are easy keepers in many ways, aside from just simple cleaning. They don’t need much daily care. You’ll need to keep their cages clean, feed them, and let them soak a few times a week. These are all tasks a mature child can do under supervision. And, if your child loses interest—as often happens—you can easily monitor these tasks, or just see to them yourself. Hypoallergenic

Is your child allergic to pet fur and dander? If so, dogs and cats may be out of the question. However, bearded dragons are often much easier for those who can’t tolerate fur and dander. Tips

Bearded dragons are great, but there are things to consider before getting one. We don’t recommend them for very young children. Your child will need to wash their hands before and after handling their pet. Before adopting a bearded dragon, research their diet, care, and habitat needs. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Do you have questions or concerns about caring for bearded dragons? Call us, your Salisbury, NC veterinary clinic, today!

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