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Protecting Your Pup from Heat

June 15 2021

Have you been looking forward to this summer? As things open back up, many people are delighted to get back out into the world again. Our canine pals also enjoy being outdoors when it’s nice out. However, you’ll need to take some precautions, as your furry companion could be in serious trouble if he overheats. In this article, a Salisbury, NC vet lists some ways you can help Fido beat the heat.


Whenever you take Fido on a fun excursion to the park or beach, always bring water along for him. We recommend just keeping collapsible bowls or a doggy water bottle in your car, so you always have it with you. At home, you may need to set out more than one water station for your furry bff.

Cooling Vest

These are garments you put on Fido to keep him cool. There are different types. Some contain a gel, and should be kept in a freezer, rather like a cold pack. Others you soak with water. Just make sure your canine friend’s vest fits him properly. You can also DIY this one by pouring water on a bandana and tying that around your pet’s neck.


Fido’s schedule should change a little in summer. When it’s really hot out, walk and play with him in the mornings and evenings. During the hottest part of the day, let him relax in his bed.

Comfy Bed

Speaking of beds, make sure Fido has a comfy one. You can put a cold towel on your canine buddy’s bed on hot days. You may also want to point a fan at or over it. Just make sure he can’t knock it over.

Heat Exhaustion

It’s really important to know what red flags to recognize here. Panting—particularly rapid or excessive panting—is the first one you’ll probably see. Other warning signs include discolored gums, trembling, diarrhea, lethargy, dizziness, and a warm back. If you notice any of these things, immediately give your furry buddy water, get him to a cool room, and contact your vet.

Cold Treats

There’s no better treat than a frozen snack on a sweltering day! Fido can enjoy some doggy ice cream, or cold wet food. Or, he may like some chilled, sodium-free broth. You can even give him frozen broth cubes!

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