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Reasons to Celebrate Pet Snakes

July 15 2021

Did you know that tomorrow, July 16th, is Snake Day? Snakes may not be the perfect pet for everyone. We know, many of you refer to them as nope ropes or danger noodles. However, there’s a lot to be said for these guys. A Salisbury, NC vet lists some benefits of having a pet snake below.


Dogs, cats, and birds can all be quite loud. Snakes, however, really don’t have anything to say. You won’t be fielding any noise complaints from angry neighbors!


Did you know that snakes are a great option for anyone who has allergies? They don’t produce dirt or dander, which is what most people react to.


Another great thing about snakes? They can make striking accessories! Of course, your pet noodle won’t be welcome everywhere, so proceed with caution. 

No Mess

Have you ever noticed that Fido somehow becomes extra cute after he’s torn up your sofa cushions or gotten into the garbage? Cats and birds can also make sloppy roommates. Snakes aren’t very destructive, and won’t leave you a mess in the middle of your floor.

No Training Required

Dogs need quite a bit of training to attain that desired ‘Good Boy’ status. Snakes pretty much just do their thing. You’ll need to handle your reptilian buddy regularly, to keep him tame and gentle, but you won’t have to teach him any tricks or commands.

Easy Keepers

One huge plus of having a pet snake is the fact that they don’t eat every day. This makes caring for them quite easy. Many days, you’ll just need to check on your scaled friend, refresh his water, and remove any waste you see. No walks or playtime needed!

Attractive Habitats

A well-tended snake habitat can make a gorgeous (and interesting) centerpiece. You can do quite a bit with plants, rocks, and backdrops! Of course, different types of snakes need different environments, so ask your vet for specific advice.


There are some caveats with this one. You’d of course never want to get a child a snake that will get very large, or one that could be dangerous. However, smaller, gentler snakes can make great pets for mature kids … assuming that you’re okay with regularly picking up mice and rats at the pet store.

Have you recently adopted a snake? Contact us, your Salisbury, NC veterinary clinic, today!

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