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Taking Your Cat To The Vet

August 15 2021

Has it been a while since your kitty visited her doctor? If so, you may want to make Fluffy an appointment. Cats need proper health care, just as people do. It just so happens that August 22nd is Take Your Cat To The Vet Day! A Salisbury, NC vet offers some advice on bringing Fluffy to see her doctor below.

Keep Up With Recommended Care

It’s always better to prevent illnesses than it is to try and treat them. Simply keeping up with Fluffy’s vaccines and parasite prevention will go a long way towards protecting her towards dangerous diseases and parasites. Follow your vet’s recommended appointment schedule.

Adjust As Fluffy Grows

Your pet’s veterinary care needs will change over time. Kittens need to come in a few times in that first year, for microchipping, spay/neuter surgery, and their initial exams and vaccines. An adult indoor kitty may only need to visit us once a year or even every other year. Senior cats will need more frequent appointments, as will furballs that are allowed outside.

Don’t Wait For Emergencies

Our feline buddies can be very secretive. Fluffy will instinctively try to hide signs of sickness. She may also withdraw when she is ill, and sleep even more than usual. This makes it hard to spot signs of illness. Keep a close eye out. You’ll want to watch for things like hiding, poor grooming, vomiting, diarrhea, and respiratory issues. Changes in appetite, behavior, or vocalization are also red flags. If you notice any of these—or anything else that seems unusual—contact your vet immediately.

Travel Safely

When it’s time to take Fluffy to the vet, you’ll probably find yourself with an unhappy furball on your hands. Always keep your kitty in a carrier for car rides. You can make the trip a little easier on your pet by playing the radio, keeping the climate control on when needed, and avoiding bumps, potholes, and sudden stops or starts.

Purr Reactivation

Our feline friends are homebodies. Fluffy may complain all the way to the clinic and all the way back, but she’ll relax as soon as she’s home safe. Offer her some catnip, a new toy, or a special treat to get that motor started again.

Please contact us if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Salisbury, NC animal clinic, we’re always here to help!

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