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7 Things To Think About Before Adopting An Exotic Cat

October 1 2021

Lions and tigers. Have you ever dreamed of adopting one? It sounds like a great idea, but when you actually have one, it may crush your dreams. When you’re looking for exotic cats for sale, you should reconsider before buying one. In this article, a local veterinarian discusses seven things to consider before adopting an exotic cat. 


Depending on your location, laws on owning exotic pets vary tremendously. Savannah cats, for example, are illegal in many states, but legal in others. If you live in a community with a HOA, you may also need to consider their regulations. Also, if you plan to move to another area, the laws regarding exotic pets may vary.


Small home living is great for your typical housecat, but exotic cats are more energetic and bigger, which means they need a lot of space. You might have to keep them in a fairly sized home. Remember that a cat isn’t happy in an empty cage or pen. You’ll want to have plenty of big-sized kitty furniture and toys.


We know what attracts you to owning an exotic pet: they’re unique, beautiful, and fascinating. Unfortunately, many of these big cats just aren’t appropriate pets. This goes for the small, exotic kitties, too. Rather than adopting, consider making a donation to a reputable rescue instead.


If you think that an exotic cat will behave like an oversized housecat, think again. Some don’t adjust to litter boxes, while others shy away from being handled. For example, Ocelots really don’t like domestication, and will ignore commands even more than your typical housecat.

Veterinary Care

It is critical you find a good veterinarian that is experienced with exotic cats. Veterinarians are generally well-trained when it comes to offering care for domestic cats. But, exotics cats have varying needs, which should be addressed by a seasoned veterinarian.


Exotic cats are very expensive, costing thousands of dollars. The kind of kitty determines the exact price. Mid-sized felines, such as Servals, range in price from about $1700 to $3000. You’ll pay $15,000 for Ocelots, while tiger cubs, now illegal to own in many places, can cost $7500.


Sometimes compromises can be made. And, Bengals are a good option. While these charismatic and adorable kitties are considered exotic, they’re no larger than your average housecat, and they have tons of charm!

Do you have questions about exotic cats? Call your local animal hospital for more information!

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