Our Careteam

Veterinary Assistant
Karrie’s entire family has a background in human healthcare, so she’s been exposed to the medical field since she was young. She’s also had another lifelong passion: the world of animal care. For Karrie, a career in veterinary medicine is the perfect combination of her fascination with the medical field and her adoration of animals!

Karrie is from Concord, North Carolina, and started working here at Small Animal Medicine and Surgery when she was still a high school student in 2007. After serving at another clinic for a number of years, she returned in 2013 and is thrilled to continue caring for the area’s pets as a member of the hospital team. As a Veterinary Assistant, Karrie particularly enjoys making sure all visiting pets are comfortable and forming lasting bonds with their loving owners.

When she has free time, Karrie enjoys sport shooting and has even collected a few trophies for her marksmanship. She lives with her loving husband and three pets of her own: Skittles, a cat who acts like a dog; a Chihuahua named Riley who is terrified of Skittles; and an energetic Puggle named Scooby.
Veterinary Assistant
Miranda has been surrounded by animals since she was born; she spent time with everything from dogs and cats to horses, rabbits, and turtles while growing up. She had always wanted to do more than just own a pet—Miranda wanted to learn how they worked and how to take care of them. Now, she’s truly living her dream as a Veterinary Assistant here at Small Animal Medicine and Surgery!

A Salisbury native, Miranda began her veterinary career by volunteering at a local animal clinic in high school before moving on to another small-animal practice nearby. When she started looking for a Veterinary Assistant position in this area, she visited Small Animal Medicine and Surgery and fell in love right away. Miranda has been caring for the area’s pets here at the clinic since the summer of 2014, and is currently working towards her Veterinary Technician’s certification at Cedar Valley Community College.

Medically, Miranda enjoys assisting with surgeries and running lab work in order to link symptoms to illnesses. Her favorite part of the job, though, is the endless compassion of every animal she sees—she hasn’t forgotten a single one, or the way that they’ve touched her heart!

When she’s not at work, Miranda spends most of her time at her fiancé’s four-wheel drive shop, where the pair works on trucks and organizes all local back-to-back truck pulls. The couple lives with several pets of their own: three dogs named Parkay, Paizlee, and Puddles; a rabbit named Hunny; and a turtle who goes by Scooter.
Kennel Supervisor
Gina always enjoyed watching the interaction between the staff and animals at her local vet’s office, and dreamed of one day providing that level of compassionate service, comfort, and reassurance to pet owners herself. Gina is fortunate enough to do just that—she’s been a part of the Small Animal Medicine and Surgery family for over 10 years!

Originally from Rockwell, North Carolina, Gina worked in customer service, accounting, and data entry before deciding to follow her dream of working in veterinary medicine. She joined the clinic team in January of 2005 after applying for an assistant position, and was quickly cross-trained in the kennel. Gina fell in love with her kennel work, and now serves as the Kennel Supervisor! She’s particularly fond of greeting pets and owners when they visit the clinic, as well as seeing how excited pets get when their owners come to pick them up.

Outside of work, Gina is a passionate baker and loves bringing in birthday goodies for her coworkers. She and her significant other, Tim, share their lives with two dogs of their own: Meka is an Akita who insists on smelling every finger before taking a treat from someone’s hand, and Raven, a Rottweiler, enjoys wagging her tail in Meka’s face.
Katlyn has owned pets all her life, and she’s never taken for granted the true value that our animal companions provide. For her, getting to foster others’ bonds with their pets is a dream come true! Katlyn is proud to serve the area’s pets and animal owners as one of the clinic’s front-desk receptionists.

Originally from Florida, Katlyn moved to Salisbury with her family at a young age and has been here ever since. She joined the Small Animal Medicine and Surgery team in the summer of 2016, and is thrilled to begin her journey in pet care right here at the clinic. Katlyn particularly likes meeting the area’s pet owners on a daily basis and getting to interact one-on-one with their beloved companions. She’s also fond of learning something new nearly every day.

Katlyn and her husband, Josh, have two loveable black Labradors at home: Maggie, an eternal puppy who will lick every single person that she comes across; and Ansley, who never fails to find a stick when she’s spending time outdoors. In her free time, Katlyn loves making and selling custom t-shirts, going drag-racing with her family, cooking and trying out new foods, and going on traveling adventures to explore new places.
Branch Manager
Thanks to improper lighting and diet, Vern suffered from metabolic bone disease and a fractured leg in his previous home. Fortunately, he overcame these painful ailments and is now basking in the glory of his very important position here at Small Animal Medicine and Surgery!

Vern has been with Dr. Kirk since 2011. His branch management skills are second to none! A graduate of Jungle University, Vern’s interests include sunbathing, leaves, and green energy.
Eclipse is a graduate of the Pheeline School of Hard Knocks, and is proud to have been a member of the Small Animal Medicine and Surgery family for 12 years. He currently serves as Welcoming Committee Chairman.

Eclipse and his sister, Luna, were abandoned at Small Animal Medicine and Surgery in the fall of 2003 during a lunar eclipse. Although Luna left us several years ago after battling a long illness, Eclipse proudly continues his daily duties as Chairman and Official Greeter for every pet that comes to board here at the hospital.