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Signs That Your Cat is Sick

April 1 2021
Cats are fairly mysterious little furballs. It’s not always easy to sort out what Fluffy is thinking. Kitties’ peculiar quirkiness can be cute, but it’s also a bit dangerous. Our feline buddies are particularly secretive about letting on when they’re sick. This is an instinctive behavior. In the wild, hiding illness helps avoid attention from predators. However, it can backfire for pets, as you may not realize your kitty is ill until she’s quite sick! A Salisbury, NC vet lists some signs that your feline friend isn’t feeling well below. Hiding Your pet may love to curl up under the bed or in a closet for a nap. However, if she doesn’t want to leave her hiding spot, even for dinner, she could be ill. Poor Grooming Kitties are usually pretty good about keeping themselves clean. If Fluffy isn’t feeling well, she may forego her usual beauty routine. If this happens, her fur will soon start looking matted or greasy. Litterbox Issues Changing the litterbox isn’t the best part of having a cat. However, it is an opportunity to monitor your pet’s health. Wormy or bloody stools are both red flags, as are changes in the color, smell, amount, or texture of Fluffy’s waste. Vomiting As you probably know, it’s not unusual for our feline buddies to get hairballs. However, if Fluffy is throwing up frequently or violently, dry heaving, and/or vomiting blood, contact your vet. Respiratory Issues Kitties should breathe smoothly and quietly … at least when they aren’t yelling for you to fill their bowls right meow. Lethargy We know, being lethargic is a life goal for many cats. However, even the laziest furball should perk up at dinnertime and react to stimuli. If Fluffy just seems out of it, she may be sick. Unusual Behavior By unusual behavior, we don’t necessarily mean odd. It may be perfectly normal for Fluffy to attack your shoe or meow at a towel. What you’re looking for here is behavior that isn’t normal for your pet. For instance, if your kitty is usually quiet, but suddenly starts yowling, she may be letting you know that something is wrong. Fever Fever is another warning sign. To put it very simply, it’s the body reacting to and trying to burn out viruses or infections. As your Salisbury, NC pet hospital, we’re here to help! Call us anytime.

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