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Great Ways To Celebrate World Lizard

August 1, 2021

World Lizard Day is coming up on August 14! If you’re a fan of reptiles, as we are, you may see how beautiful and fascinating our scaled pals are. If you have a pet lizard yourself, treat your tiny dinosaur to something special. A Salisbury, NC vet lists a few things you can do to celebrate this special day below.

Take Photos

Many people really haven’t looked very closely at or interacted with lizards very much, and may not realize how cute they can be. Snap some pictures of your little friend. If you are taking pictures of your pet in their tank, shoot from an angle. This will help with glare. It’s also best to use the macro setting, if you have that on your phone or camera. If possible, get a good closeup of your pet’s face. This is where lizard personality really shines through!

Upgraded Digs

The exact size and style habitat your pet needs will depend very much on what kind of lizard you have. Bigger is always better here, though. Look up your lizard’s minimum cage requirements, and try to get something that’s a bit bigger. You can also get your pet a new hide box, or perhaps some rocks or branches to climb.


Like any other pet, lizards are quite fond of treats. Of course, what these guys consider yummy snacks are often things most people think of as creepy crawlies. Take a trip to the pet store, and get your pet some yummy works or roaches.


Many lizards enjoy soaking. In fact, for some, such as iguanas, this is absolutely necessary, for hydration and hygiene. If your pet likes bathing, let him enjoy a bit of extra bath time. This is a good chance to hang out with your lizard, as you don’t want to leave him unsupervised.


This one is not an across-the-board recommendation. Not all lizards enjoy being walked. However, some of the more charismatic little dinosaurs, like bearded dragons, really enjoy it. This is a good way for your lizard to get exercise and stimulation. Just put your pet’s safety first. Do plenty of research, get proper gear, and stick to safe areas.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Salisbury, NC animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering great care!

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